Meredith of Herefordshire

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This website presents the results of research into the genealogy of Meredith families who are descended from Josiah Meredith (d. 1707) and Anne Whitcott from the Lingen and Brampton Bryan area of Herefordshire. 

Their descendants include the Meredith branch who were early settlers in Tasmania, and the database includes several other Connected Families that were linked to the Merediths through marriage, including Poynter, Boyes, Dry, Jukes, Aston, Ingleby, Whitehouse, Cope, Heaton, Scholefield, Aston, Turner, Hammond, Linwood, Doulton, Keiller, Urwick, Stephens and Rogers.

The website also includes information about the Meredith Family of Presteigne and Kington, building on the research of John Southwood in his publication of that name (Kington : Kington History Society, 1988). That family is possibly connected to the branch descending from Josiah Meredith, given the proximity of the locations, although no direct connection has yet been found.

The database can be explored through the links in the menu bar, which includes a link to a Search Form, or more directly through the links below.

Notable people in the database include:

Alfred JUKES 1792Distinguished surgeon in Birmingham who, like his nephew Joseph Beete Jukes, married into the Meredith family
Joseph Beete JUKES 1811Renowned geologist and Director of H.M.’s Geological Survey of Ireland, he married a Meredith niece of his Aunt Sarah
George MEREDITH 1778Early Tasmanian pioneer
James MEREDITH 1753Varnish manufacturer and a prominent member of the New Church and Swedenborgian society in Birmingham
Josiah MEREDITH Before 1670The earliest traceable ancestor for this Meredith of Herefordshire branch
Louisa Anne TWAMLEY 1812Writer, artist, botanist and naturalist in early Tasmania, as Louisa Anne Meredith

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Note: for privacy reasons, the website excludes individuals who are known (or thought) to be living.